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Would you like fries with that?

This rant is dedicated to the motherfracker(s) that decided to introduce coupons into the pharmacy setting. Thanks for making us the fast food of the healthcare industry moron(s). It’s coupon week! The week (or 3 months in the case of … Continue reading

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Stupid-stick day

It wasn’t just your average stupid stick day though, no, not today. Today every person that got hit with the stupid stick on their way in also were given a pair of whiney or a pair of annoying pants. (Or … Continue reading

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So, a "new money" lady walks to to the pharmacy…

You know the type, feels entitled to act like a jerk because you just work in a store. Has no idea that the RPhs actually go to school to do this or what they are paid. One of the “all … Continue reading

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Can I get a little support here?

The pharmacy I work at now is the only one I have ever worked at that doesn’t have support mats. Those are the only thing that saved my feet and back from aching every day when I come home. At … Continue reading

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The party pack

I love it when we get the “party pack” Vicodin ES #240 Soma 350 #120 Xanax 2mg #120 Amoxicillin 500mg #21 (or some variation of quantities like that) We were lucky up until now, we are not visible and once … Continue reading

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Dear obnoxious, self-important parent,

Why were you the first call I had upon entering the pharmacy this morning? Why would I lie to you? Do you think I enjoy talking to you so much that I want you to keep calling me? Of course … Continue reading

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