So, a "new money" lady walks to to the pharmacy…

You know the type, feels entitled to act like a jerk because you just work in a store. Has no idea that the RPhs actually go to school to do this or what they are paid. One of the “all you have to do is pour some pills in a bottle” people.

She walks up to the counter with a prescription for her daughter and wants a refill on her med which she filled at another location. RPhGuy tells her that she is out of refills at the other store, but we can call the Dr. in the morning.

She says something along the lines of “I am an uppity bitch, give me what I want.” Or maybe it was closer to “I am an idiot and waited until I was out of pills to try to get a refill at a store I have never filled at.” Oh no, wait, it was “That’s a mistake, I know I have refills they left them off. My Dr. would never just give me a months supply. They messed up. You have to give me some for tonight and tomorrow.” (not verbatim, but you get the picture)

I am watching RPhGuy and am praying that he is not going to cave in and loan her some. He tells her we will look into it first. I call the store she filled it at and have them fax the hard copy to me.

Guess what…it has a little check mark by the non-rept box. NO REFILLS LADY!!! I got such pleasure out of showing her that. I offered to call her Dr in the morning and told her we cannot loan pills on prescriptions we have not ever filled.

I suggested she sign up for the auto-refill program because if she had done that to start with, they would have gotten the approval from her Dr. already. No, I don’t want this crazy ass coming back to my pharmacy, but I did enjoy making her feel like an ass.

Then my night got even better, we have a coupon lady, same shit every month, transfer in, transfer out. She calls one in, and when she comes it pick it up has a CVS coupon. RPhGuy was on the phone so I had the pleasure of telling her that we don’t accept competitor coupons anymore. She said “Oh crap, well I wish I had known that.” I just smiled and did a little happy dance in my head. She bought her $4 generic, which I am sure we lost money on, but at least she didn’t get the $30 gift card!

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Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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1 Response to So, a "new money" lady walks to to the pharmacy…

  1. Barry says:

    Very very funny. Love your dry sense of humour!

    I did a lot of my undergraduate work through night school and remember how slowly those credits accumulate!

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