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A happy memory

There was a post on my old birth board today that actually made me smile. I don’t know why I go to the July board, but I can’t help it. Today they had a post titled “How did you tell … Continue reading

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Oh, yo, oh, yo. Catch this !

I’m done! Like really and truly done! Like for reals done! The next time I go to campus for a class it will (hopefully) be in grad school! I’m so excited. Yay! I think the psych exam went well; I … Continue reading

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Awesome update

Got an email from my Modern France professor. The exam that I was worried about…I got an A! Even though I got an A- on the midterm, I still wound up with an A in the class. So for last … Continue reading

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Good things are happening!

Got my graduation approval, this means I actually get to graduate! Dr. Stone was able to fix the PAT mess that was left behind and not only do I get my honor cords, but I also get my certificate on … Continue reading

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So I put this post up on blogger because I am too impatient to fix the images to go here, oh, and I have no fracking time to do it. I needs halp! I need a dress for graduation. Please, … Continue reading

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one down, three to go

I got an email from my US history professor telling me that I have an A in the class! Yay! I’ve got three grades left to come in. Capstone and Adolescent Psychology from this semester and Modern France from last … Continue reading

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Almost over!

I went today and picked up my cap & gown. Did you know that you ahve to buy them and keep them? WTF am I going to do with this thing? It’s too bad Kristan is so much shorter than … Continue reading

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