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There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous -NapolĂ©on

Edwards is out. It’s Barack vs. Hillary to the death (or the convention). Is it even possible that the convention isn’t until August 25th? Isn’t this shit over yet? This is the longest freaking election ever. August isn’t even the … Continue reading

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Barbara Walters, you’re our only hope!

Sherri Shepherd has no business being on a television show where she is actually allowed to speak. If all she had to do was read lines she would bug me, but whatever, to actually allow that woman to express her … Continue reading

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Stupid-stick day

It wasn’t just your average stupid stick day though, no, not today. Today every person that got hit with the stupid stick on their way in also were given a pair of whiney or a pair of annoying pants. (Or … Continue reading

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Ding dong, the tech is gone!

Which old tech? The annoying tech! Husbear and I went to Sydney and when I got back I had the most amazing present ever! Annoying tech is moving, so she transfered to another store!!! (I’ll try to stop using so … Continue reading

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