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Why am I wasting time on a blog entry?

This week is the suck. I had a quiz in French today, Dr. S volunteered me to lead the discussion tomorrow in Comp Rev (and since I sucked so much last time I really have to do well this time), … Continue reading

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I’ve never had a problem sharing

Honestly, I have no problem sharing, never had. I’ve noticed many people in my classes don’t want to let people copy their notes. They get all stressed out if someone asks them a question about exams or papers or basically … Continue reading

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I broke the news to PICGirl & RPhGuy a few weeks ago that I want to go PRN (as needed). I’m taking 17 hours in the fall & I just won’t have time to work. BoyTech & TravoltaTech both have … Continue reading

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I have the mother of all sinus infections

Seriously, this sucks. I can’t remember the last time I have had a sinus infection that is this painful. It feels like my eyes are going to fall out. I had an exam in sociology today. I did not study … Continue reading

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There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous -NapolĂ©on

Edwards is out. It’s Barack vs. Hillary to the death (or the convention). Is it even possible that the convention isn’t until August 25th? Isn’t this shit over yet? This is the longest freaking election ever. August isn’t even the … Continue reading

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A capstone course is the University’s way of saying “Ha ha, you’ll never graduate!” My school is only offering 2 capstone courses for the Spring semester and does not offer any in the summer. The topics are so damn boring … Continue reading

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Graduation date finally!

I had my once a semester appointment with my advisor Monday. Wow, what an ass. I was in there for a total of 5 minutes which was long enough for him to look at me like I was an idiot … Continue reading

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