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Considering changing the title of an old post

My post on a fake script called in is the most often looked at one in the bunch. If you use google and search for things like the following: How to get a fak3 prescription How to make a fak3 … Continue reading

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Would you like fries with that?

This rant is dedicated to the motherfracker(s) that decided to introduce coupons into the pharmacy setting. Thanks for making us the fast food of the healthcare industry moron(s). It’s coupon week! The week (or 3 months in the case of … Continue reading

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I broke the news to PICGirl & RPhGuy a few weeks ago that I want to go PRN (as needed). I’m taking 17 hours in the fall & I just won’t have time to work. BoyTech & TravoltaTech both have … Continue reading

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My pharmacy career thus far

1. Starts with a K, does not end with a Mart, sells groceriesAdvantages It was near my house I was 16 It got me off of the check lanes Sucky Stuff We were so slow that I gained 10 pounds … Continue reading

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Happy hour at the pharmacy!

Well, actually it was outside of the pharmacy. No, we did not give out shots of Patron with every Vicodin filled. Hushbear & I met PICGirl, TravoltaTech, RPhGuy and RPhGuy’s friend for drinks and dinner tonight at Chuy’s It was … Continue reading

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Stupid-stick day

It wasn’t just your average stupid stick day though, no, not today. Today every person that got hit with the stupid stick on their way in also were given a pair of whiney or a pair of annoying pants. (Or … Continue reading

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Ding dong, the tech is gone!

Which old tech? The annoying tech! Husbear and I went to Sydney and when I got back I had the most amazing present ever! Annoying tech is moving, so she transfered to another store!!! (I’ll try to stop using so … Continue reading

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