My pharmacy career thus far

1. Starts with a K, does not end with a Mart, sells groceries

  • It was near my house
  • I was 16
  • It got me off of the check lanes

Sucky Stuff

  • We were so slow that I gained 10 pounds in the first year
  • The PIC hated me and tried to fire me when I was admitted into the hospital for a double kidney infection

How/why I left
Looked for a new job, any job, to get away from scary PIC, took the 1st job I was offered for more than $7 and got the hell out of dodge

2. Independent

  • It was closer to my boyfriend
  • Pay increase to…$7.05!!!!

Sucky stuff

  • My first day I sent the wrong toothpaste to a woman and she decided to come in and throw it at me and pick up the right one. It hit me in the chest. The RPh said, “Oh, that’s Barbra, she’s just like that.”
  • They made me gift wrap things and I would have to rewrap things 5 times before the people would accept them
  • When I went to fill some prescriptions, I could not find the Tylenol #3; it was on the PIC’s desk.
  • We were part of the state’s HIV medication program and got audited. They did not have proper records so we had to call nurses & beg them to claim they had authorized prescriptions.

How/why I left
See all of above
I started there a the end of October and gave my notice at the beginning of December. I got them through the holidays only to be ridiculed for leaving an independent to go to Big~Blue

3. Big~Blue

  • None I can think of

Sucky Stuff

  • Almost everything
  • The Cheer we had to do
  • Being assigned the ~ in the cheer, and being expected to do a little spaz dance
  • Being assigned the Butt and stomach aisle in the OTC section
  • Working overnight every other Sunday to stock the otc section
  • Being yelled at by the very bitter, evil main tech (She was in a perpetual foul mood and I might have made a comment to someone about her needed to get laid)
  • The walk-up window
  • Having to climb a ladder and go into the attic for supplies
  • Almost falling through the ceiling while trying to get supplies
  • Giving my notice and having them treat me like shit

How/Why I left
See above reasons for why, the how is much better
It was a Saturday, I had 3 days left, was very excited to get to the end. The ink was not yet dry on the license of the floating RPh that day. She was very impressed with herself and thought everyone else should be impressed with her too.
Another tech brought in Gumbo or Jambalaya or something else that was meaty & I couldn’t eat. All 5 of the other techs and the RPh were having a party in the corner of the pharmacy while I ran around like crazy trying to help customers.
RPhBitch yelled at me in front of customers & the other techs (she then went and laughed with the evil main tech) because when I got off the ladder (to ring up a customer that had been waiting for several minutes while they had their party & I got 10 packages of Depends down off a high shelf for someone else) I put it too near the counseling area.
I waited until it was break time, I told her I was leaving for break and I was not coming back because I did not appreciate the way she was treating me. I told her she really needed to learn how to treat her techs because they can make or break her. She told me not to come back anymore if I left and I said “DUH!” (It was 1998)
I threw my badge away on my way out; the store manager saw me do this and asked me what was going on. I told him I was getting the fuck out of there and left.

4. Starts with a K, does not end with a Mart, sells groceries

  • It was close to school

Sucky Stuff

  • Incredibly stupid TSU grad who came in to be the Assistant Pharmacy manager, came in and from day one began bossing us all around. Told us we were doing everything wrong & “retrained” us to do things properly.
  • This “retraining” & redoing would cause me weeks of work re-correcting all of the things he “fixed”

How/Why I left
Went back to school full time

5. Starts with a K, does not end with a Mart, sells groceries #3 (out in Pearland)

  • um…I was only there 3 months before I transferred…

Sucky Stuff

  • New money people
  • Crazy RPh from Nigeria who hated all of the techs.
    • The one awesome thing about him was that when people called on his days, we told them the pharmacy closed at 9, but we didn’t accept prescriptions past 8:30. (He strictly enforced that too!)

How/Why I left
Transferred to another store

6. Starts with a K, does not end with a Mart, sells groceries #4(on the far side of Pearland)

  • Loved my PIC and the other main tech
  • A lot of the customers were really nice
  • We were steady, not busy, not slow, just a nice even pace

Sucky Stuff

  • Crazy-ass TSU graduate who had no clue what she was doing. (Nothing against TSU, but most of my worst experiences are with RPhs from that school.)
    • Incedentally, she happens to be married to above mentioned TSU grad…
  • New jump all over your ass corporate policies they started to enact
    • Have you heard of the “pigeon hole” being used on the counter?
  • The 30+ minute drive to work
  • There are more, but the crazy-ass TSU grad was the main reason

How/Why I left
Not very dramatic, just kind of left. On my way out I told PIC & other tech that I loved working with them and would miss them. I told crazy-ass TSU grad “It’s been real.” She started laughing then got confused, like she couldn’t decide if it was a put down or not.

7. Current retail, non-grocery chain

  • *Now* I have two kick-ass pharmacists, I absolutely love working with both of them
  • I am around 1.5 miles from my door to the parking lot
  • We are starting to get busy, but we still have fun in the pharmacy

Sucky Stuff

  • Typical corporate bullshit, they have decided to stick us with
  • They like to decrease the tech hours and we (the techs) have to straighten shelves out on the floor so the store manager gives us more

About SP

Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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