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Sad, but not really

Today I completed my last class as an undergraduate. It was with a professor that I absolutely love; he is one of the best at UH. Dr. Curry’s class is one of those classes that you don’t want to miss. … Continue reading

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I am so far behind. I’m not quite finished with the paper I have due tomorrow. I still need to study more for the exam I have tomorrow in my first class. I could have done all of this already … Continue reading

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I will survive

I am alive. I had an amazing 30th birthday and would love to tell you all about it… I just don’t have time to do it now.  I have more work than I can keep up with and no idea … Continue reading

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I do realize that this will jinx me…

but I’m so proud of her. Zoë has not peed or pooped on the floor at all in the past 24 hours. We’ve finally made it through a full day without a single accident! I took the water away and … Continue reading

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Looks like she’ll be a swimmer

I turned the water on to fill up the bathtub right before Zoë decided to pee on the floor in the hallway. I grabbed her and ran outside without turning the tap off. When we finally made it back in … Continue reading

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Does anyone own a cattle prod?

I need someone to force me to study. I have 2 weeks left and seem to have lost all of my motivation. Not good.

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Another major birthday, another injury

Don’t look at the picture at the bottom if you are squeamish. (Tara this means you!) Day before my 18th birthday I had a cystoscopy done because of a dual kidney infection and UTI. Day before my 21st birthday I … Continue reading

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Parlez-vous français?

As Dr. S reminds me every time I am in his office, I need to learn French. I was going to take it this semester, but on the advice of my adviser (why do I listen to him?) I did … Continue reading

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Random thought

Today in class I was having trouble concentrating (must have something to do with all the nausea) and I started thinking about the Duggar family. Anna, the first daughter-in-law, is pregnant and it made me think…Michelle & Jim Bob have … Continue reading

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My crowning glory…or not

Why is it that when you find a hair dresser that you really like they always move? The girl I go to was at Beautique which is right in the village and easy to get to. Then she moved to … Continue reading

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