Stupid-stick day

It wasn’t just your average stupid stick day though, no, not today. Today every person that got hit with the stupid stick on their way in also were given a pair of whiney or a pair of annoying pants. (Or in some cases both.)

I get to the pharmacy and RPhGuy is hopping. He has already turned away 2 people with party packs, he’s got 14 left in the queue several on the counter and a whiney person at drop off. As usual, that set the tone for the day.

About 30 minutes after I got there, we had 4 people waiting (both the flu and strep-throat are going around) and Mrs. McGrumpy walks up. You know, mean old lady, thinks you should drop everything to help her. She of course had her brand new Medicare Part D card with her refill. I said “OK Mrs. McGrumpy, we’ll get this ready for you, I have several people ahead of you so it should be about 30 minutes.”

Guess what she says! Yep you got it! “It’s only 30 pills, it really shouldn’t take that long.” People, people people, this is the last thing you want to say to the person you just gave your refill too. He or she can stretch 30 minutes into 2 hours if they so desire. Mysterious “computer issues” Medicare Part D being down etc.

But, I put on my biggest smile with my fuck you eyes and told her we have about 20 people waiting. Yes, I had padded the estimate (she had Medicare Part D for crying out loud!) and if she hadn’t been such a bitch I probably would have been done in 15 minutes, but because she acted like an ass, guess what…she got to wait 30 minutes. In fairness, she actually shopped and came back, she wasn’t just standing at the counter staring.

RPhGuy rang her up, so I was spared speaking to her, though I would have loved to suggest that she begin calling in her refills before driving to the pharmacy to save herself some time.

Next comes in Mrs. Whiney Pants herself. Mrs. “I’m so dizzy, I can’t wait for my rx” Mrs. “I am going to call you every day for a week to make sure you are still going to fill my Xanax on the exact day it’s due, since you won’t let me fill it early anymore” She did stand at the counter, and pace, and tell us over and over again how dizzy she was. RPhGuy got irritated and told her it would be 20 minutes, but I asked him just to get her the hell away from out the pharmacy counter.

After lunch:

It’s a new year folks, and you know what that means! New copays and deductibles! Wouldn’t you know it, almost no one knew this would happen. What really got to me was a lady with a $5.60 rx that went up in price. she kept saying “did that go up? That went up.” So I looked, sure enough it used to be $3.10. Not only that but HER OTHER ONE WENT UP AS WELL!!!!!!! It went from $1 to $2.25. This did not make her happy, then she started complaining to RPhGuy about how her pain meds weren’t working and could she have become immune to them? She started crying, I decided it was a good time to busy myself with anything else.

Before I left, we were treated to a lady wanting to know if we had the Natures Made diabetic vitamin pack. I stopped what I was doing and went to the OTC section and looked. I didn’t see it, so I asked her when she purchased it last. Turns out she got it at “the drug store” (as opposed to my non-drug store I guess?) I smiled and told her that our company might not have the same inventory as another company. “But the drug store had it, I don’t understand why you don’t!” I gave up and started to walk away. She asked me what vitamin diabetics could take, I sent RPhGuy out to talk to her.

I also got to tell 2 guys that Xanax 2mg is on backorder with no expected release date. “Sometimes it could be 2 months, sometimes it could be 2 years, we never know.” I suggested calling the doctor to see if he/she knows where to get it or going to an outpatient clinic.

Now I get to write up a personality assessment on myself for my personality psychology class based on the NEO-FFM test I had to take this weekend. I am so not in the mood for self analysis. I guess I should just be glad I did it this weekend instead of after work today.

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Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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2 Responses to Stupid-stick day

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi “that rx girl”! Your descriptions are even better than The Angry Pharmacist. Screw TAP =)


  2. no file recovery says:

    Thanks For This Post, was added to my bookmarks.

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