Mayor Outlaw Josey Wales?

Tomorrow is election day, I might be one of the only people going to vote. Well, other than the husbear, but that’s because I am driving his car while mine is in the shop. He has no choice!

They are predicting a 9.5% voter turn out. Come on! I know it’s not a “big important election,” but 9.5%? In a city this size? That’s shameful.

Mayor White is up for election again. He is running against Amanda, a socialist meat-packing plant worker & wrestling promoter Outlaw Josey Wales IV. (Seriously, he LEGALLY changed his name to that.)

Amanda, the socialist meat-packer, (love that) wants to immediately end the Iraq war. Hmm…I think that might be a bit out of the scope of the mayor of a city. I am just going to dismiss Amanda now.

OJW IV wants to increase wages from HPD and somehow ensure the “long-term viability of their pension system.” Okay, I’m with you so far…
He also wants to make it illegal to drive while holding a cell phone, four or more motorists in a car to drive in the HOV lanes (clown cars?)
He also wants to extend rail lines along major freeways from downtown to the city limits.

Let’s see, I like the wage increase/pension support in theory, but how is he planning on doing it? Note to OJW IV -get a website jackass!
Cell phones? Like it because some idiot ran into me while on her phone, hate it because I am on mine in the car all the time.
HOV lane um…how would that work really? Wouldn’t that just make the traffic problem on 45, 59 & I-10 worse?
Rail lines, I am all over that, especially since it would piss off Tom DeLay! (Though he’s no longer in Sugarland, it would make me happy just the same) Let’s replace the HOV lanes with light rail!

That said, (thanks BB!) I am going to vote for Bill White. I like him, he is stable and intelligent. When he runs for statewide office (I am sure he will) when his term is up in 2009, I will most likely vote for him then. I think he would be an refreshing change after Governor Goodhair.

Can you imagine the headlines? “From Mayer Bill White to Mayor Outlaw Josey Wales…WTF is wrong with Houston?”

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Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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