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Well said

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Undecided? Really?

Seriously? Who at this point in this election could possibly still be undecided???? It’s not like we have apples & apples here people. McCain has worked his ass off to become a hardcore Republican. He is no longer the McCain … Continue reading

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I voted for "that one"

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I’m so excited!

The line for early voting was wrapped around the building! That is amazing! I didn’t have time to wait since I have 2 exams this week and a paper due next week, but I will go back! I sometimes go … Continue reading

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Disappointment (and some shame)

I have a 6 year old half-brother (mom’s second marriage). He is obsessed with politics; during the 2004 election he had a Kerry-Edwards sticker on his big wheels tractor. Living in Michigan, he is also a democrat and proudly has … Continue reading

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Early voting in Texas

I got my Obama shirt! Husbear thinks it’s a little fug, and it is, but I didn’t want a plain boring one. Plus the ones on his website are all backlogged, it takes forever to get them. I can’t even … Continue reading

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Some days I hate my position on free speech. I do not believe that people should be censored. So I can’t say that I want the Obama campaign to make this woman take down her Che flag. It is her … Continue reading

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"Joe, I don’t do nuance."

According to my George W. Bush Out of Office Countdown calendar hushbear got me for XMas, we only have 340 days left! We went out to dinner with D&T at London Sizzler tonight, then went out for beignets. I ate … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi is having a religious epiphany

Husbear has formally requested to be called hushbear now, not really sure why, but I’ll roll with it. Hushbear and I were in New Orleans this weekend and on the drive home were listening to the POTUS channel on XM. … Continue reading

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Mayor Outlaw Josey Wales?

Tomorrow is election day, I might be one of the only people going to vote. Well, other than the husbear, but that’s because I am driving his car while mine is in the shop. He has no choice! They are … Continue reading

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