The name game & why we need to hurry up and pick one

I seriously hate naming things. We had a hard enough time with naming Zoë then it came time to name Avi. Luckily, Avi was the name I liked most on Misha’s list & Daniel just seemed to flow with it. We didn’t even start looking at names until we found out he was a boy & it took a month or so, but it wasn’t as hard as it is this time.

Naming Boy2 is proving far more difficult than naming Avi or Zoë was. Ari was my second choice for Avi & it has made the short list this time around. The problem I have with Ari is that it might be a bit too cutesy to have Avi & Ari. People keep saying it will be too confusing & they’ll claim not to know who we were calling for. Brock & I did that when we were younger though & our names sound nothing alike.

The other name on the short list is Elan. I’m worried that he’ll spend the rest of his life spelling it out for people & telling them how to pronounce it. We’ve had enough trouble with Avi’s name being pronounced A-V. I’ve always heard Elan pronounced Ee-lahn, but on different baby name sites it’s shown as Ee-lun and Eh-lahn. I’ve even seen it as El-ahn, which to me sounds like Ellen. How have you heard it or what was your first thought when seeing it?

Middle names have proven even more difficult to narrow down… as in we couldn’t come up with any. Most likely if we go with Ari he’ll be named Ari Elan. I like Elan Isaiah, but Misha hates it. My second choice is Elan Alexander, which Misha thinks is okay but isn’t completely sold on.

Now on to why we need to figure this out. I went in for my OB appointment Friday & found out that at just over 34 weeks I’m already at 2 cm dilated. (Full term is 37 weeks & pregnancy is calculated as 40 weeks from last cycle to due date.) There’s a chance that I could stall or even go up to 4 cm without an issue, but my OB (Dr. F) is worried that I may progress too quickly & Boy2 may come early.

She said we’re not at the point where we need to start medication, but that may be a possibility in the future. My next appointment with the high-risk OB (Dr. H) is Wednesday, so I don’t have to go back to Dr. F until 3/9. I’m going to ask Dr. H if I can call her to deliver if I’m in labor & Dr. F isn’t on call. I’d really rather have someone who knows my history deliver Boy2 since the seizures can cause complications.

Dr. F would like me to get to at least 37 weeks, but says ideally I’d get to 38 & go into labor on my own. As much as I’d love the hyperemesis to end that’s not quite the ideal situation for me. My mom & Jaeden are due to arrive 3/22 since I was supposed to be induced 3/27.

The earliest I’d like to deliver would be 3/23 so my mom would be here to take care of Avi & we wouldn’t have to scramble & inconvenience our friends. Our 9 year anniversary is 3/22 & I was looking forward to going to dinner with Misha the next night, but I’d be okay with Boy2 making an appearance as early as that day.

I’m not on bedrest, but Dr. F wants me to limit my activity. That’s not terribly easy with the most active toddler in the world running around the house. He’s so busy!

So that’s where we are at this point. Hopefully Boy2 will stay put until I serve him an eviction notice & hopefully he’ll have a name by then. Good, bad or indifferent please leave a comment telling me what you think of our name options & how you think Elan is pronounced. I’m so tired of the name game I could cry.

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Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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1 Response to The name game & why we need to hurry up and pick one

  1. AiramLebasic says:

    I love Elan Isaiah. I can relate to the pronunciation and spelling name issues, My dad came up with my name, mixing my to oldest sister’s name, Dalila and Eunice (glad he only used Dalila is her middle name, Ruth is the other one). So he came up with Dalice (imagine if he used Ruth, Ruthice not nice).

    I hope everything works out for the best and Baby Boy 2 arrives safe and sound

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