The not so bad news

Misha’s still in San Francisco, so today Avi & I went to see Dr. H. He (Avi) was very good and was flirting with every woman there. He had one small meltdown when I wouldn’t let him go in the admin’s office, but got over it once I gave him his snack & water.

For the second ultrasound in a row Boy2 refused to show his face. Last time he was facing the wrong direction & this time he covered his face with his arm. Today Dr. H poked him & he put both arms up. I think he’s a little camera shy.

She said that he’s perfect developmentally. He’s really healthy & exactly where he should be. She is mildly concerned though because I have a lot of fluid & wants to recheck in two weeks… “If and I mean if you’re still pregnant then.”

So both Dr. F & Dr. H seem to think he’s coming early. He’s 13 days away from being full term, but since I was breastfeeding, on birth control & didn’t have a regular cycle that’s just our best guess based on his size at the first few ultrasounds. He might be slightly ahead or slightly behind that.

Dr. H thinks the increased contractions are possibly just because of the extra fluid. She said the baby is perfect & not to be overly concerned as long as they don’t get worse or I start to show signs of labor. I’m to relax as much as possible & immediately sit down when I have them.

The main concern at this point would be his lungs. If he were to be born now he would be spending some time in the NICU. Hopefully not too much time, but usually the earlier they come, the longer the stay. My beautiful niece Morgan was born on February 10th at 36 weeks but didn’t have to spend anytime in the NICU & got to go home on schedule.

Ideally, Boy2 would stay put until at least 3/23 so my mom is already here to take care of big brother Avi. I’d like him to stay put until the 26th so my mom will be here & I can make sure it’s my OB delivering.

I will say that it is nice knowing that at most I only have 4 weeks of nausea left. The end of 24 hour/day nausea is definitely  something to look forward to!

Avi says: "Excuse you, I was reading. Take your pictures later."

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  1. E Hunter says:

    Thinking of you! i’m sure everything’s going to be great. I’ll pray that that little boy stays put for a while, yet, though. 😉

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