and then there was one…

It’s done. Baby is gone. It was heartbreaking, but I’m glad it’s over for her. I love my vet office; they made a bad situation as nice as they could. All of the techs came in to say goodbye to her, which meant a lot to me.

Just like with Isabell, I don’t want to get into the details of her death. I want to remember what an amazing dog she was. I’ll remember how patient she was with Avi and his sometimes overzealous displays of affection. I’ll remember her doggie smile and how much she loved car rides. I’ll remember how she loved everyone she met and accepted every new person as her best friend.

We had a long time with her and I think we gave her the best life we possibly could. I sincerely hope that she felt as much love from us as we did from her and that we made her happy.

This is an old post I wrote about Baby and Maggie, who we had to put to sleep last fall.

Happy on her last car ride

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2 Responses to and then there was one…

  1. Melody says:

    Baby was an amazing sweet puppy. I know how much she will be missed. You guys gave her an amazing life.

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