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The *worst* things you can say to someone going through a miscarriage

There is a woman on the November board who is going through a miscarriage right now & I was reading some of the comments people left her & it just pissed me off. Just say how sorry you are FFS. … Continue reading

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Each morning I wake up, before I put on my make-up…

I spend a little time with my head in the toilet. Mostly gagging, wretching, stuff like that. Funsies. Still, it’s nothing like having hyperemesis, so I can hang. Things I’m looking forward to this week: Lunch & pedicures with Tara … Continue reading

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April 6

Happy birthday Aunt Sue!!!

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Heartburn, it's what's for dinner.

So… dinner. That didn’t go so well. I went to the kitchen quite hungry & with only mild heartburn thinking I should make some dinner. I decided to just make some Quorn nuggets & green beans. Easy right? No reason … Continue reading

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First pregnancy checkup is now scheduled for next Tuesday, April 13, at 3:30. That is all. Now I’m either going to puke or go back to sleep. I haven’t quite decided yet.

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Progesterone gel: because natural pregnancy related fatigue was not enough

Every night I get to use the wonderful progesterone gel. I started Tuesday I think… Or maybe it was Wednesday. Whatever, I started last week. I. Am. So. Tired. The people I’ve talked to online said that they were tired … Continue reading

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Might stay off my birth board for the next few weeks

I’m not active on babycenter like I was last pregnancy. I think it’s because I’ve been through a lot of the first trimester stuff on the boards. When I miscarried half of my board was entering their 2nd trimester already, … Continue reading

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pork chops & applesauce

Okay, not exactly. It’s actually Cheerios & apple juice. The nausea has finally let up some today and that’s what I came up with to eat. If the nausea stays gone I’ll try to eat some real food. Now just … Continue reading

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I gave in & took a Zofran tonight. I was determined not to take any unless I wasn’t able to keep anything down. After flushing my dinner (& continuing to feel so queasy that the room was spinning) I gave … Continue reading

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Pregnant ladies need to chillax

On my first birth board a bunch of women were claiming to feel their babies move at 7 weeks. They were convinced. ‘I feel flutters! I know it’s my baby!’. It cracked me up, but it annoyed me at the … Continue reading

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