Hair, puppies, reading, exams, Hushbear

First hair. I went in for the first time since August to get my hair did. My stylist moved to the Upper Hand in River Oaks. She goes by Ashley there. If you are looking for someone, she is awesome. I adore her. She does such a good job every time.

I love the Upper Hand. It’s so pretty and cozy there. everyone was so nice too. I really liked Beautique, but there’s something about the Upper Hand that makes it better. They put a lot of thought into the decor and it shows.

On to puppies. The puppy lady emailed me again today. Hushbear decided he wants the smaller of the two girls. Our vet’s office said that size really doesn’t matter. She said that the small one may catch up with the others, or may stay small.

The puppy lady is going to email me pictures on Sunday so I can look at them again and make my final decision. The litter is getting their tails docked then, so I have to pick one before they go in. I suggested getting both girls, but Hushbear wasn’t keen on the idea. My argument of litter mates growing up together was ignored.

Reading. Oh, all the reading. I am never going to catch up. Seriously, like never. I am going to spend my entire spring break doing the reading I can’t do now for my US history class. Now Dr. S has me leading another discussion on Wednesday, so I have to read his book more carefully than I would have otherwise.

Now exams. I bombed the adolescent psychology exam I took on Thursday. I thought I had studied enough, but the questions were quite difficult. One of the 5 point short answers I couldn’t remember at all so i just left it blank. I thought about writing a note about how I can remember glancing at that in the book but couldn’t remember it enough for the exam. Then I remembered that this is a psychology test and the grader would analyze why I felt the need to explain that. We would get into social desirability and my childhood and that’s just too messy.

I have to take my Dr. S’s Comparative Revolutions exam from last semester on Wednesday, so that will leave me with just the Modern France one left. Here’s the problem. I gave myself today off and now I have to study for the comp rev exam and do the reading this weekend when all I really want to do is catch up on my sleep.

Hushbear is in Moscow and is still very sick.

Next post will be another Facebook game.

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Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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