Part of the pregnancy package

My insurance company (Blue Cross Blue Shield) has a separate $1000 deductible for pregnancy. So far I have only paid $122.67. Through the pregnancy I would have paid that, and then I would have then paid 20% of all costs.

The hospital called to confirm my d & c and let me know that since I haven’t met my pregnancy plan deductible I will owe them $877.33 tomorrow. You see, this d & c, -you know, the thing I have to have done to have my baby removed from my body, yeah, that thing is part of the “pregnancy package”.

How can this be considered part of that? How terrible. I didn’t want my pregnancy to end this way. I guess it’s the way the insurance company is trying to suggest that I sit at home and wait to miscarry.

I don’t understand how they can do this. Not only is it insensitive, it’s just horrible. What kind of people build that into a plan? I could see this being part of a surgical deductible or something, but to say it’s part of the pregnancy plan. It just makes me sick.

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1 Response to Part of the pregnancy package

  1. Amy Br says:

    I remember a friend telling me about that when she miscarried. It blew my mind. It’s just wrong.

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