impatient little thing

Boy2 is determined to make his debut early. At my OB visit yesterday I was 4cm dilated & Dr. F said she anticipates hearing from me Sunday night when she’s on call. I have an appointment Thursday, but she said she’d be surprised if I go that long.

I’m vacillating between excitement about meeting him (and the nausea ending) and pure terror. We’re not at all ready. The house is a construction site at the moment and will be for probably the next couple of weeks. Our awesome contractor is working his butt off trying to get things done as quickly as possible. I seriously cannot say enough good things about him.

The nursery furniture is not assembled & Carter’s is taking their sweet time getting the missing hardware kit to me, but at least Boy2’s room is ready otherwise. He’ll be in the co-sleeper in our room for a while anyway, so that’s not urgent.

I’d like him to stay put until at least the end of next week so he has more time to develop. From what Dr. F said yesterday, Dr. H (our perinatologist/high risk OB) seems to think he’s ready and would transition well, but I don’t hit 37 weeks until Tuesday.

I think both doctors are worried about my mental stress after the strain of vomiting constantly & losing weight while taking care of the bossiest toddler in the world. I was having a bad day when I last saw Dr. H & was in a lot of pain, but things have been much better since Misha got home from San Francisco.

I’m worried about Avi freaking out when we disappear to the hospital. He’s only ever stayed with my mom and she won’t be here in time. There’s no point in changing her flight because we don’t know for sure that he’s coming. The dilation & increase in contractions points to him being here soon, but there is always a chance that I’ll stall at 4cm for a while.

Jaeden has school & of course mom has to work. It would be really difficult for her to change her schedule on such short notice. Plus, we don’t want her here too early where she leaves before he arrives & if I’m in labor before she comes she won’t make it in time anyway. Dr. F isn’t expecting me to be in labor for more than 4 hours. I’m knocking on every piece of wood that I can find that she’s correct!

Some great friends are going to help us with Avi if his brother does indeed arrive before the 23rd. I figure Misha can come home a few hours after Boy2 is born since if he’s anything like his brother all he’ll be doing is sleeping & nursing. Of course Avi slept all afternoon & the next day, but didn’t sleep more than an hour that first night. There’s not much Misha can do with a newborn since the nursing part is up to me. I’d rather he be here with Avi & hopefully he won’t have as hard of a time adjusting. (He being Avi, not Misha!)

We’re closer to a name finally though! Misha has decided he likes Elan as the first name, but is rejecting all suggestions for a middle name. As of last night it looks likely that he’ll be Elan Ari. I’m not sure that I’m thrilled with the flow, but I like that we’re using both of our top names.

That’s where we’re at right now. Please cross your fingers, knock on wood or whatever it is you do for luck that Boy2 listens to his mommy and stays where he is a little while longer. We’re fortunate that he didn’t decide to come a few weeks ago, but not quite ready for him just yet!

Carrying little brother's elephant around his room.

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4 Responses to impatient little thing

  1. airamlebasic says:

    I hope everything works out for the best and baby Boy gets here safe and sound, I’m kind of exited too, I’m going to be an auntie, well in spanish is Tia/Abuela (Aunt/Grandma) my nephews is going to be a Dad, he just sent me a pic of the ultrasound. I was touched.

    Well I wish you the best. Muchas bendiciones para ti y ti familia desde Puerto Rico

  2. Kelly Jones-Chong says:

    I hope he stays in a little longer for you! I was the same way and the doctor told me I was definitely going to go into labor with Caleb 2 weeks early. So I totally rearranged my maternity leave and guess what… He was born 2 days after my due date! I was so worried about Andrew and everything was completely fine. Avi won’t hate you forever! 🙂

    • Season says:

      I’d be fine with him staying put until my planned delivery date! That would make things so much easier. I haven’t dropped yet, but I am so uncomfortable & the contractions are getting more frequent.

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