On my way to atrophy

I’ve got kidney stones. Again. I started having pain on Wednesday but couldn’t really attribute it to anything. It wasn’t terrible, so I figured it would go away. Friday I passed a small kidney stone. I haven’t done much of anything other than take Vicodin, pee, cuddle with the puppies, and hang out in bed since then.

I’ve passed 6 stones now, but luckily they’ve all been fairly small. Unfortunately, I missed my French classes this week, but the professor was covering things I already know from my first French class.

Things I know from hanging out in one room of my house:

  • I really need to repaint the guest bedroom. The paint is uneven and part of the wall peeled off when the vent fell down a few years ago.
  • West Elm used the exact paint color I have in mind for the tile room/kitchen in one of their pictures. Now I just need to figure out what color it is. Oh, and work up the motivation to paint.
  • Zoë needs a significant amount of playtime every day to be happy. I didn’t realize how much I play with her during the day before I wasn’t really up to it.
  • Maggie sleeps around 20 hours per day. Maybe she’s part cat? How od I know she’s sleeping? She snores. A lot.
  • Maggie sheds. Again, a lot. I vacuumed last night because the tan carpet looked black. It was all Maggie hair. It had been a week since I vacuumed and I had to clean the vacuüm out 3 times for one room.
  • My neighbors are loud. One in particular likes to screech at no one in particular while she walks her dogs. I’m thinking schizophrenia perhaps?
  • Loud neighbors = non-stop barking from Zoë. Her pitch is very high and she hurts my ears when she really gets going. If the crazy lady* is by our house too long Zoë starts howling.
  • From this room, I can hear the phone ringing in the house next door. That might be because Mr. Lanier is really old & can’t hear anything, but I like to think it’s because he’s annoying.
  • I have a lot of shoes. I counted 36 pair** on the shoe rack, but there are more in the closet. In my defense, I wear almost all of them. I have a few work shoes that I don’t wear anymore, but most of the rest are in active rotation.
  • Baby likes to sleep at my feet across the bed. She takes up as much room as possible and makes it impossible for me to stretch my legs.
  • There actually is a limit to what you can do online before you get bored out of your mind.

Here’s hoping that lucky #7 will be the end of the kidney stone fiasco of 2010!

*WordPress spell check thinks that lady is “bias language”. It wanted me to change it to crazy ‘woman’. Wonder what it would think of me calling her a crazy ‘broad’, or a crazy ‘dame’?

**This is after Zoë began eating my shoes and brought me down by about 5 pair.

About SP

Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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