No mas, por favor/Pas plus, s’il vous plaît.

I have some sort of stomach issue right now. Like the whole 9 yards. I hope it’s like a 24 hour virus or something, but I really don’t want the Misha to get it…

This is freaking miserable. Like truly miserable. I’ve learned today that puppies don’t care when you are sick. They want to play regardless. Damn puppy.

I’ll post about her vet visit once I’m feeling better. For now I have to try to get the rest of my reading done and try not to throw up.

Oh, my one grip about the Flip is that it’s not drag and drop. It’s a lot more involved. That’s why there aren’t any videos up yet. I’ll try to load them to Picasaweb if possible.

About SP

Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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2 Responses to No mas, por favor/Pas plus, s’il vous plaît.

  1. Frances says:

    Vimeo is good.

    I have a Flip too. The thing that sucks is if I want to create a movie or something in another program I have to save each clip as a movie and then I can use them. It’s kinda screwy.

  2. Frances says:

    oh and I hope you feel better!

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