10 things I would rather do than studying

  1. Sweep up all of the dog hair in the house
  2. Do all of the laundry and put it away (instead of putting it on the chair)
  3. Clean the bathrooms
  4. Iron all of Hushbear’s shirts
  5. Give Maggie a bath
  6. Shave Maggie to avoid dealing with all of the fracking dog hair everywhere
  7. Fly on an airplane
  8. Get my underarms waxed again (ouch)
  9. Fire the dog poop guys and clean the poop up myself
  10. Spend time with Hushbear’s mom & my dad at the same time

About SP

Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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3 Responses to 10 things I would rather do than studying

  1. Bananafanafofara says:

    I’m supposed to be working on “the spreadsheets” as my mom calls them.

    Unfortunately, Jon, Kate and their 8 are getting puppies and that’s far more entertaining.

  2. Cyberwombat says:

    You have dog poop guys?

  3. Season says:

    Mais oui, monsieur! Je n’aime pas la merde, mais un de mes chiens aime manger.

    (Dr. S said I really need to work on my French.)

    I don’t have time to clean the amount of poop that they create. For a small fee a man comes to my house and removes it for me.

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