I will not shop for the baby. I will not shop for the baby. I will not shop for the baby.

I’m only 9 weeks. It’s too early to shop. It’s not too early to look is it?

I found this website and I love it so much that I want to buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from it. I will not, of course, but I want to. I don’t really want anything too “babyish” for the baby. Most of what I like is stuff like this:

Crib set

Don't know what a "stroller blanket" is, but I like the print.

Yes, I looked at some girl stuff too!

Maybe not *this* exactly, but I like the idea & that it's not all pastels.

It's a diaper changing pad, but I like the retro print.

I was at Target the other day & a lady was walking around with a diaper bag that was humongous light blue & had stars & moons on it. It was cute, but I so don’t get that. The baby has no clue what you’re carrying around. The diaper bag is an accessory & I don’t understand why anyone would want one that looks so babyish. I want something that looks like a purse I might carry around. I’ll be the one carrying it, so why would I want something so awkward? There are so many cute options out available:

Pretty & looks like something I would carry.

I already have a purse that is similar to this!

Not exactly me, but cute.

There’s really not a point to this post, but since I feel nauseous all the time & can’t really focus on anything, this was an easy one to put up here. I still need to post about the first u/s, but I’ll do that sometime after the second one on Tuesday. Then I can just combine the posts.

About SP

Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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2 Responses to I will not shop for the baby. I will not shop for the baby. I will not shop for the baby.

  1. tara says:

    I already had my eye on one thing for you, but I’m waiting until your 7th month.

    And while children are viable far earlier than the 7th month, I stick with traditional, Southern superstitions.

    So if I can’t buy anything, you can’t buy anything. At least until you know gender šŸ™‚

  2. tara says:

    And, oh yeah, stroller blankets are swaddlers – they keep newborns nice and tight in the stroller. You can tell Misha it’s the baby’s tortilla. šŸ™‚

    I’ve attended a few baby showers in my lifetime… šŸ˜‰

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