Anonymity out

This blog stopped being anonymous a while ago. Since I am only technically employed and don’t have that to complain about there’s no point. I’m dropping the Hushbear. No, not in real life! Just calling him Hushbear in the blog. I started out calling him Husbear which made sense. However this is a husbear. Of course the Urban Dictionary definition:

In gay male relationships, a significant other who is a “bear” (A term used by gay men to describe a husky, large man with a lot of body hair)
I wouldn’t mind having that butch fireman for my husbear!

Anyhow, since I don’t need to be anonymous any more and don’t really like the term Hushbear it’s out. I may still use it on occasion, but I think almost everyone reading this post knows that my name is Season and his name is Misha.

Oh yeah, we pick the puppy up in 4.5 hours!

About SP

Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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1 Response to Anonymity out

  1. Frances says:

    I bet you are excited! I can’t wait to see pictures!

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