Road trip!

Well, not exactly, more of a plane trip! Hushbear told me today that since the Spring semester doesn’t start until January 20th we can go to Australia! Yay!!!!

I think we will leave somewhere between the 5th & the 7th because whatever day you leave, you are there 2 days later because of the time change. We’re going to go to Melbourne first then on to Sydney again. I’d like to have a week in Melbourne just for vacation then a week in Sydney since hushbear will have to work while in Sydney.

We flew premium economy on Air New Zealand last time and it was worth it. It’s such a long flight that coach would just be miserable. This time that might not be an option. I’ve priced it and it’s from $1900 to $2600 for coach and from $5000 to $13,000 (yes that’s 13K) for premium economy. The 18 hour flight from Los Angeles turns into over 33 hours of travel time from Houston to Sydney! That’s insane!

I’m excited though, Sydney this January was so much fun. It was really relaxing and I can’t wait to go back. I found a few vrbo places which would be nice. We loved the one in Paris (we had the blue master bedroom). The hotel we stayed at last time we were in Sydney was really nice and had breakfast included. It wasn’t one of those go down and get stale bagels or cereal, it was a real breakfast, cooked to order if you wanted. It was nice not to have to go out for at least that one meal.

As much fun as Amsterdam, Brussels, & Paris were this summer (I went to the Panthéon and visited Voltaire’s tomb after an accidental climb to the top!) and London the year before, there was something about Australia that had me looking into the possibility of moving there. It helped that it’s so pretty and the weather was beautiful the entire time we were there!

I’ve booked my tickets to Michigan for Christmas. I leave on the 19th of December and return on the 27th of December (the day after the boy’s 7th birthday). Hopefully it will snow this year, we barely had any snow last year until the very end of my visit and that’s not any fun. I just don’t want snow on travel days!

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