Hurricane Ike sucks

Stuck in Dallas, not sure how long we will be here. My friend JH checked on our house. We have no fence, like the entire thing is gone. His girlfriend did point out that we do have a fence, it’s just not in the usual fence formation. It’s scattered all over our yard.

Apparently all of the power lines around our house are down and our neighbor’s tree is in the line that attaches to our house -cable & phone maybe? We are on a corner lot & the big pole in the back yard that the lines attach to is at a 30 degree angle and might be in our pool soon.

My best guess is that we will be in Dallas for another week. I am worried & want to get back to see the house, but hushbear can’t leave his guys here in Dallas.

I think that the new President of UH and her administration are doing a terrible job with post-hurricane management. I know they are trying to avoid make-up days but seriously, they aren’t saying if classes are canceled until the day before.

Houston is going to be under a curfew from dusk to dawn until Saturday. I think it would be safe to cancel classes for this entire week. The vast majority of the city does not have power and many people are without running water.

Students should not have to be concerned about potential absences. Even if they decide to excuse those days missed, those of us not able to go will have a disadvantage because we missed class.

…and on a lighter note, the genius that is Tina Fey:

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