Come on Texas, don’t fuck it up now

Anxiously awaiting the primary/caucus results. She is leading him by 28,614 with 46% reporting.

I was one of like 4 people in my little caucus table there for Obama, the rest were middle aged (primarily white) women voting for Hillary.

One in particular (her name is Jackie) brought a picture of herself with Hillary to place on the table. Fucking nutjob, she had Hillary signs and was prancing around in a Hillary shirt. She made a big point of walking back and forth and yelling so everyone would look at her.

The officials told her she couldn’t wear her shirt. She just happened to be holding a rule book and demanded that they show her where it said that. They gave up because the last person had just finished voting in the primary, so it was officially over.

She said that people tell her in the picture they look alike from the nose down. She then proclaimed at HC is 20 years older than her so that means HC must be aging well. I mentioned that it could just mean that she, Jackie, is not aging well.

I then requested a muzzle for her.

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Recovering pharmacy technician, History BA, wife to a workaholic, mommy to one pup and two boys, epileptic, vegetarian. I've got a mouth like a sailor & find myself becoming more cynical & more liberal all the time.
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